Buying or selling a business is a complex transaction and therefore requires preparation, planning, and sometimes, expert assistance. When buyers or sellers are not completely informed or educated about the process, they may commit errors or overlook important financial aspects of the business, which may affect them at the time of negotiating a deal or result in costly consequences in the future. 

To avoid a negative outcome and ensure a smooth transaction, Rosehood Global Financial Inc. has compiled a list of the most common mistakes people make when buying or selling a business. 

1. Not calculating business valuation correctly
Whether you’re buying or selling a business, it is important to obtain an accurate business valuation. A business valuation will help you determine how much the business is worth, so it should always be performed correctly. Unfortunately, people do not always use the right valuation method or commit costly errors while calculating the company’s assets. This can result in the business being sold for more or less than the fair value. 

2. Not performing enough due diligence
Due diligence is essentially an investigation or audit of the company to confirm all the financial information brought up during the deal and identify any potential risks. It helps you avoid any surprises at the time of closing or at a later stage. While it is a crucial component for every successful business transaction, people still fail to conduct adequate diligence or do not investigate all the financial statements of the company. 

3. Not assessing the corporate finance structure
Corporate finance is one of the most important divisions of a business as it deals with financing, capital structuring, and investment decisions. A corporate finance structure is needed to maximize the value of a company to its shareholders and investors. Despite its importance, buyers do not always analyze the capital and financial structure of a company, and end up missing out on opportunities to grow and expand the business. 

If you’re looking for experts to help you restructure a plan or determine the business valuation of a firm, reach out to Rosehood Global Financial Inc. With over ninety years of combined experience in the valuation industry, we bring a level of excellence and quality like no other. 

Whether you want to buy/sell a business or grow your bottom line, we work with companies of any size and have a proven track record of successful transactions across many verticals of business, including Healthcare, Hospitality, Automotive, Logistics, Education, Financial companies, Real Estate, and IT. 

We provide Business Valuation, Advisory, and Appraisal Review to clients across Saudi Arabia, UAE, Canada, and America with certified professionals that not only hold the appropriate qualifications, but have a great amount of experience in the field.

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