Author: Rosehood Global Financial Inc. | Jun 29, 2021

Divorces naturally tend to be emotionally challenging that further leads on to a very prolonged conflict of what constitutes a fair settlement. If the couple owns a business, the value of the company may be your most valuable asset and will be taken into account when assets split in a divorce.

Regardless of whether you jointly own the business or are the sole owner, it will be considered as a family property to be split between you and your spouse. Therefore, to precisely determine the value to which you and your spouse are entitled to, a business valuation must be prepared.

In circumstances where the couple is unable to reach to an agreement on the value of the business, the case is pushed into court. Thus, a business valuation expert is required to prepare an independent expert’s valuation report and provide testimony in court.

To ensure that you and your business interest are protected during a matrimonial dispute, contact us today.

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