For owners who want to estimate the worth and value of their business, it is crucial to rely on the services of a business valuation expert. However, picking the right option for you can be quite a task. To help you narrow down your search process and find a professional that matches your expectations, here is a list of the top five things to look for when engaging with a business valuation expert. 

1. CBV accredited
Chartered Business Valuator (CBV) is a designation that is assigned to business valuation experts by the Canadian Institute of Chartered Business Valuators (CICBV). It is advisable to seek professionals with a CBV designation as they have specialized knowledge in a range of financial matters and are recognized as experts in their field.

2. Private equity
Consider a finance team that knows what is acceptable to the bank and fund managers at private equity firms. Performing a valuation is complex in most cases and requires the knowledge of experts. 

3. Due diligence and investigation
When a company wants to enter into an agreement or a financial transaction with another party, they need expert advice to structure the transition. At such a time, business valuators can perform due diligence, which is an investigation of the company to identify any legal, financial or operational risks. This information can benefit both the buyer and the seller.

4. Fundraising issues
One of the most successful ways to raise funds is by determining an accurate valuation of the business. A valuation gives credibility and assures investors that the fundraising process is fair and transparent. For that reason, look for business valuation experts that are familiar with the process and have worked with lending institutions, banks, private firms, etc. 

5. Forensic and litigation support
Consider a business valuator that has a background in forensic and litigation support services. This means they should be able to interpret and communicate complex financial information. They should be able to offer support from the early stages of investigation to the final witness testimony.

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