Preparation for an Initial Public Offering (IPO) can be a difficult task and one that requires the support of a specialist. A successful IPO involves intensive planning and effort, both before and after the IPO date. Rosehood professionals have years of experience helping companies go public.

Boards, regulators, and other stakeholders continue to prioritize corporate governance & risk management. The development and continuity of appropriate frameworks, policies and procedures are essential that business’ risk profiles are managed. At Rosehood, our team specializes in taking private and public companies through the various areas of Governance & Risk Management. This may include assessing the following areas: –

  • Shareholders rights & Board composition / committees
  • Chairman, Non-executives & Independent directors
  • Risk assessment & Compliance function
  • Audit committee & Internal / External audits
  • Ethics code & Corporate Secretary function
  • Investors communication & regular NAV reporting
  • Timely Annual Reports.

Our Services:

Our Business Valuation Professionals serve clients across North America and the Middle East.